Baltimore Riots of 2015

I am currently watching the news coverage of the riots that are taking place in Baltimore, Maryland right now. Many people say that they are appalled about the behavior of the people. Some believe that the rioters’ actions are unnecessary and driven by stupidity. I agree that everything may have gone overboard. I agree that things have gotten out of hand. I can even support the statement that the original cause is no longer applicable as of right now. But in the midst of everything that is going on, I applaud the black communities in Baltimore who finally decided to unify for some reasonable cause. The death of Freddie Gray is one that is heartbreaking and should have never occurred but the fact that the cause moved even rival gangs–who’ve never come together for any other reason–to come together in protest says something that has never been able to be communicated before.

For those who are not aware of the Freddie Gray incident. Freddie Gray was a 25 year old black man from Baltimore who died of severe injury to his spinal cord and spleen after being arrested by Baltimore police. The police officers were accused of stopping the paddy wagon on the way to the police station and beating Gray while he was still handcuffed and shackled thus rendering him defenseless against police brutality.

Every group came together to prove that we as a people will no longer stand by and watch our race be victims of extermination any longer. Of course it was irrational of them to destroy their own communities but at the end of the day its not always about the technicalities of the situation but the hearts of the people. These individuals are among the bravest people who have no fear or restraint when it comes to defending something they believe in. My support comes in because of the struggle that blacks in America are faced with on a daily basis. Now anyone who reads this may say: “Black people aren’t the only ones who struggle.” ; “Struggle has nothing to do with destruction.” ; “Blacks use their “struggles” as a crutch to act belligerent.” Believe me, I’ve heard it all. The riots have brought out the best and worse in people. It is true that blacks aren’t the ONLY people that struggle, I agree with that. But let me ask, what other racial group do you know that experiences such severe racial profiling and injustice in the face of the law? I will relate back to the recent cases of black individuals who were slaughtered at the hands of armed police officers: Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott and Oscar Grant. All relatively young black males who were victims of police brutality and whose murderers have yet to receive an appropriate punishment for their actions. There are many more besides these 6 men but the point is that I agree that Whites, Hispanics, Africans, and many other racial groups that reside here in America have their own struggles but someone please tell me which of these groups were targeted like the Blacks of America? Our young Black men have to fear leaving their houses and possibly being shot down by the same individuals that are put in place to protect them. Now of course there are generalizations in every opinion and I’m aware that some of the statements I make are not applicable to everyone or every situation but for a great deal of people, this is the truth.

The riots in Baltimore have gotten to the point where Governor Hogan has issued a state of emergency on the city and the National Guard has been called in to assist in calming the people. I feel that the governor made a smart decision because there was no way that the Baltimore police force had any way of neutralizing the situation without being deemed inhumane.

For anyone who reads this, my question is: Is there any way that ANY good can come out of these riots and protests? Any comments are accepted but please don’t attack me with ignorance. Use the intellect that we were all born with. Please and thank you.


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